by Viktor A 

July 2, 2021

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There are many places you can invest in Bitcoins, and one of the most popular is via a “Bitcoin Savings & Trust”. This is essentially a fund that holds the Bitcoins that are received by investors. The fund is run by the fund manager, who issues shares to investors.

If DeFi really is the next step in the evolution of the entire financial sector – and many here would probably agree – then it looks like our future residents and descendants will be very wealthy. We say this because DeFi has already proven its value in creating greater accessibility and equality among multiple users in its early stages. Decentralized funding is often life-changing. Below is an overview of the companies with the best BSC Yield Farms on the platform.

This is a very interesting topic to write about because it is something that has a lot of implications and will carry over to the future.  What we’ve learned from the recent crypto crash is that there are some people who have a lot of money to throw around and are willing to do just that, regardless of the cost to them.  They will dump bitcoins into any pump, no matter how low the price dips.  And in the immediate future, there are some people who are buying up hard assets in the form of cryptos, because they believe in the price going up and the future of cryptos.  These people have a lot of money to throw around.  And they will do that regardless of how

Cryptocurrency can be found in all parts of the world. BSC now offers users, who want to accumulate the cryptocurrency, the advantage of investing in the cryptocurrency exchange, BSC.

The art of growing is one of the many ways the advent of DeFi has allowed us to thrive. The basic principle is pretty simple: use a smart contract to lend your crypto currency tokens to create money that other users can access. They in turn receive a portion of the commissions and interest as compensation. Yet this simplicity has paid off. We see on the BSC some of the companies with the highest yield in terms of APY, yielding thousands of percent.

Risk management for profit optimisation

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As we look at the farms with the highest annual yields on BSC, we also need to take a little more time to understand what agricultural yields are. More importantly, what risks should you take? Firstly, income-generating agriculture is not a stand-alone type of investment, because it is an activity. When you generate returns, you can do so across a broad base of differentFi services, such as. B. through DEX, credit and loan platforms, rates, money markets, etc.

While there is a way to tie up your tokens as a form of liquidity for other users and then earn passive rewards in the form of commissions or interest, this is technically called income farming. The higher the returns on your businesses, the higher the associated risks. Of course you have to do your research first, for example. B. whether the specific DeFi protocol is legitimate and has sufficient security measures to prevent hacking or exploits.

However, the market itself poses an uncontrollable problem in the form of temporary losses which every farmer has to absorb. This is the phenomenon where the market prices of the chips you deposited into the pool have changed, so that when you cash out, you lose a dollar value compared to when you deposited, because the algorithms are recalibrated. However, these losses can be considered insignificant, as they will be quickly made up for when you begin to earn high returns.

Farms with the highest income on BSC

While DeFi has largely focused its infrastructure and user base on the Ethereum blockchain, we are now seeing a slow tectonic shift with other networks coming into play. Binance’s own blockchain – or BSC – has become a major player in decentralized finance, and some of the most popular protocols, such as PancakeSwap, are native. Even though you don’t have the same variety of options compared to Ethereum, the DeFi-focused protocols on BSC have an advantage.

The point is that, because BSC arrived much earlier, the huge volatility and openness of the market has allowed some revenue farms to outperform Ethereum-based farms in terms of profitability. Especially since in the DeFi BSC-based protocols, some operations promise thousands, even millions or billions, of percentage returns – and actually deliver on them. At one point, a farm had an annual yield of 67.3% (T – Trillion)! So here are some of the highest yielding farms on BSC for you to check out.

1. bEarn.Fi

best bsc yield farms 2021 bEarn.Fi
The Best BSC Yield (APY) Farms - 2021 6

bEarn Finance is one of the most functional DeFi protocols we’ve ever seen created on Ethereum. There is a true decentralized exchange market, a proprietary algorithmic multi-peg Stabelcoin, many mutual funds and even a multi-chain network that can also work with the Binance smart chain. It’s no surprise that inter-chain farming and self-serve services have become so popular, with more than $54 million in cash flow.

Their main product is, of course, the aforementioned farm, or bVaults as they call it. The yields on these farms, as you can see below, are monstrously high. You can also earn additional rewards in the form of your own BFI cryptocurrencies and BDO stablecoins from bEarn. Not to mention the extremely attractive prospect that bVaults charges no withdrawal fees, no collection fees and only a small commission for deposits.

  • BDEX/BNB bDEX-LP (bDEX) – 80.64M% (80,640,000% APY, 3.729% per day)
  • MDG/WBNB (MidasGold) – 428.78k% (428.780% APY, 2.325% daily).
  • cCake-CAKE CAKE-LP (CarrotCake) – 215.65k% (215.650% APY, 2.104% daily)
  • SOUP-BNB CAKE-LP (Soup Protocol) – 126.16k% (126.160% APY, daily 1.957%).
  • SOUPS-BNB CAKE-LP (Soup Protocol) – 41.63k% (41.630% APY, 1.653% daily).
  • sCAKE-BNB CAKE-LP (CarrotCake) – 38.56k% (38.560% APY, daily 1.632%)
  • bpDOT-BDO CAKE-LP (bDollar Banks) – 9.33k% (9.330% APY, daily 1.243%)
  • BFI/BNB bDEX-LP (bDEX) – 7.04k% (7.040% APY, 1.116% daily)
  • CakeLP BDO/bBDO (bDollar Banks) – 5.54k% (5.540% APY, 1.100% daily)

2. Car Farm

best bsc yield - car farm

AutoFarm is another farm optimizer that identifies the best pools across numerous different DeFi protocols, and then adds automatic capitalization to increase your profit potential. Although AutoFarm offers some additional services to its total liquidity of over $900 million. There is an AutoSwap where you can trade tokens like on any DEX, but AutoFarm automatically sends your trade to the DEX instead with better rates and commissions.

But the company’s most important product is of course the AutoFarm storage facilities that house these plant nurseries. With over 200 different nurseries to choose from, it’s easy to find a pool that your chips are compatible with. What’s even more amazing: AutoFarm can connect not only to farms on BSC, but also on the HECO (HuobiEco) and Polygon blockchains. But now let’s focus on the former to see if they are included in the list of farms with the highest annual returns on BSC.

  • WBNB-WINGS LP (JetSwap) – 81.4k% (81.400% APY, 1.92% daily, 3.01% AUTO).
  • BUSD-WINGS LP (JetSwap) – 45.4k% (45.400% APY, 1.76% daily, 6.53% AUTO).
  • WINGS (JetSwap) – 10.9k% (10.900% APY, 1.35% daily, 3.21% AUTO).
  • WBNB-WEX LP (Wault) – 9.5% (9.500% APY, 1.31% daily, 2.69% AUTO)
  • WBNB-WAULTx LP (Wault) – 8.9% (8.900% APY, 1.30% daily, 6.01% AUTO)
  • USDG-xGMT LP (Gambit) – 3.9k% (3.900% APY, 1.06% daily, 4.21% AUTO)
  • WBNB-BMXX LP (PancakeSwap) – 1.4k% (1.400% APY, 0.79% daily, 4.06% AUTO)

3. Beefy.Finance

beefy finance best bsc yield

We continue our journey to discover specialized collection aggregators that make your job easier (and cheaper), with Beefy.Finance. This once again demonstrates the value of such optimization tools, as manually reinvesting profits and adjusting positions is not only tedious and time-consuming, but also costly, as each transaction involves gas costs. One worry you don’t have to worry about with Beefy, and liquidity is $400 million.

In fact, it can surpass AutoFarm because Beefy is compatible with five different blockchains – BSC, HECO, Avalanche, Fantom and Polygon. This broadens your options considerably, depending on your mood and your preferred channel. However, this may not be necessary, as BSC operations on Beefy are also quite numerous. As if that wasn’t enough, Beefy also regularly promotes new projects and tokens that offer additional bonuses and higher returns.

  • GARUDA-BNB LP (PancakeSwap) – 99.36k% (99.360% APY, 1.91% daily)
  • WINGS-BNB LP (JetSwap) – 74.00k% (74.000% APY, 1.83% daily).
  • WINGS-BUSD LP (JetSwap) – 41.23k% (41.320% APY, 1.66% daily).
  • PANTHER-BUSD LP (PantherSwap) – 20.07k% (20.070% APR, daily 1.46%)
  • GARUDA-USDC LP (PancakeSwap) – 18.89k% (18.890% APY, 1.45% daily)
  • PANTHER-BNB LP (PantherSwap) – 17.34k% (17.340% APY, daily 1.42%).
  • GRAND-BNB LP (PancakeSwap) – 14.38k% (14.380% APY, 1.37% daily).
  • WINGS (JetSwap) – 10.32k% (10.320% APY, 1.28% daily).
  • TYPH-BNB LP (ApeSwap) – 7.21k% (7.210% APY, 1.18% daily)
  • RAMEN-BNB LP (RamenSwap) – 4.88k% (4.880% APY, 1.08% daily).

4. Crop financing

word image 370

Harvest Finance is an excellent new addition to our list of holdings with the highest annual returns at the BSC and one that is quite undervalued compared to previous entrants. However, there are over 100 farms to choose from. To illustrate how much crop optimizers like Harvest have proven their worth, it was also noted that the community has collectively saved over $160 million in gas payments thanks to Harvest’s smart contracts and automated components.

Harvest’s total liquidity exceeds $280 million and is spread across two blockchains, Ethereum and Binance’s BSC. Here, farms are simply divided into different sections according to the DeFi protocol they are of, such as Ellipsis, Venus, PancakeSwap, Goose, 1inch and others. Moreover, you have the option to bet on bFARM Harvest chips to increase your winnings.

  • ICE-BNB – 915.26% APY
  • EPS-BNB (Ellipsis) – 451.38% APR (442.48% with automatic capitalization, 8.90% bFARM Rewards)
  • SPACE-BNB (Space) – 401.13% APR (375.82% with automatic capitalization, 25.31% bFARM Rewards)
  • SPACE-BUSD (Space) – 431.51% APR (364.21% Auto-Total, 67.30% bFARM Rewards)
  • EGG-BNB (Goose) – 519.18% APY (494.32% with auto dial, 24.86% bFARM Rewards)
  • EGG-BUSD (Goose) – 460.09% APY (438.23% auto total, 21.86% bFARM Rewards)


While we have done our best to show you the best of the high-yield APY farms on BSC, rest assured that what we have collected here is only a barely perceptible part of the deep ocean with many other great projects currently working on BSC. There are so many others that we didn’t have time to tell you about, and each one of them is worth your cryptocurrency tokens. There’s probably no better time to invest here and now, especially when cryptocurrencies and DeFi come into play. Cryptocurrency is a hot topic in the finance world, with so many new coins and tokens being created every day. With the rise in popularity and accessibility of cryptocurrency, people are constantly looking for the best ways to invest.

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