Best charting tools for cryptocurrency trading

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All short term trading strategies in cryptocurrencies are based either on news or on technical setups in trading charts. Having access to the best charting tools for cryptocurrency trading helps a lot in developing trading strategies. charting tools for cryptocurrency
Best charting tools for cryptocurrency trading 5

You can read about the pros and cons of all these charting tools in detail, but to save you time, here is the quick list of best charting platforms which to have crypto trading charts:

  1. TradingView
  2. Coinigy
  4. Binance Charts (powered by TradingView)


TradingView is one of the best charting tools by far for nearly all the trading markets. Their charts are comprehensive and easy to use.

Trading view - cryptocurrency charting tool

They have cryptocurrency charts from most of the popular crypto exchanges.

The best part is that their online charting tools are open for both free and pro users. There are certain limitations with a free account, but still, it should be sufficient for most crypto trading strategies.

With pro account, you get access to most technical indicators layout and other professional traders tools and as well as option to save your settings.

Listing all the features and how to use them best will take time, so you can read the detailed post here. Or you can check it out on the tradingview website as to why they are one of the best charting tools for cryptocurrency trading.


Coinigy is mainly a cryptocurrency portfolio management platform. This means it is designed to track your crypto portfolio of coins across all the connected exchanges.

charting tools for cryptocurrency - coinigy

Coinigy also provides free accounts and paid account. Both type of accounts provide high quality cryptocurrency charts for trading.

Charts provided by Coinigy are a little intimidating for a beginner trader in crypto. But, once you start using them, they are quite good.

From my experience, the free account provides nearly all the features required for beginner traders in cryptocurrency. Overtime if you feel the need to get professional tools, then you can upgrade anytime you want. is owned by Kraken exchange, but it works as a totally independent charting and trading platform. It allows you to connect with the exchange of your choice to trade. charting tools for cryptocurrency
Best charting tools for cryptocurrency trading 6

The basic chart and trading functionality is free and additional features like alerts etc. cost on a credit point basis. allows you to connect and trade on over 800 exchanges, though as in my cryptocurrency exchange post – I will still recommend you to limit yourself to the best cryptocurrency exchanges only.

Binance Charts (powered by TradingView)

Just like Coinigy, Binance also offers charts based on data from Tradingview.

These charts are highly functional, especially when you consider that they are provided within the trading platform of Binance – the top crypto exchange for crypto trading.

The main benefit of Binance charts is that you can see your buy and sell order on the chart itself. Giving yourself visual clarity about your trade direction.

When you place any order, like buy order or stop loss order, it immediately shows up on the chart and thus you can keep the chart open to monitor your trade.

Actually, I have explained these things in detail in my review on trading cryptocurrency on Binance. It’s quite easy to follow and use for trading effectively on Binance.

What are the free cryptocurrency charting software?

Nearly all of the charting tools provide free access to charts. Here is the quick list of best free cryptocurrency charting software:
1. TradingView
2. Coinigy
3. Cryptowatch – Owned by Kraken but provides data from other exchanges too.
4. Charts provided by Crypto Exchange – Like Binance.

Are Cryptocurrency charts live?

Yes, all the cryptocurrency charts mentioned provide live cryptocurrency data. The point on the right side of the chart is the last traded price of the cryptocurrency pair.


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