Binance coin(BNB) price building consolidating below $365 in preparation for next rally

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Binance, which offers the largest trading volume of all cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, is back on the move. The team has just announced their new partnership with a new exchange called HitBTC that has recently made waves in the industry for taking a unique approach to their listing policy.

Binance Coin’s (also called BNB) price has been trading inside a triangle for the last two days and is currently making a push towards $375.00, after a strong bounce from the support trend line. The recent upside move is likely to be corrective in nature and could be seen as a sign of over-extension.

Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, recently announced that institutional investors are now able to access Binance’s “legitimate” and “secure” blockchain-based exchange platform. This news caused the Binance coin value to surge, and the Binance price to climb from $115 at the start of the month to a high of $367 on June 16th.