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May 27, 2021

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It’s no secret that the cryptocurrency community is highly supportive of young entrepreneurs. This is why we are so excited to announce the winner of our YouTube competition – a young filmmaker named Danny! Danny is from Germany and he told us that he’s always been interested in pushing the limits of filmmaking. He started his YouTube channel in 2015 and it has grown over the last three years to more than 17,000 subscribers.

New Kids on the Blockchain – Youtube Channel

You’ve heard of a block chain, but what about a block movie? This is the premise of New Kids on the Blockchain, a satirical comedy series from crypto-enthusiasts Michael and Moe Fotland, which has been taking the crypto-community by storm. The series follows the lives of a group of blockchain-based characters as they deal with the ups and downs of everyday life. The show is funny, absurd, and, above all, lighthearted. Michael and Moe, the show’s founders, will be joining us to talk about their channel and how it has succeeded in both attracting fans and helping them build a brand that people can relate to

As part of their latest AMA, the founders of New Kids on the Blockchain (@NNKOTB) have kicked off a fun discussion about their YouTube channel, which has garnered more than 2 million subscribers. The founders, Ray Lee (@ray_lee) and Anthony Fantano (@theneedledrop), provide a lot of insight into the decisions behind their unique approach to cryptocurrency reviews, as well as the challenges of making a living as a YouTube creator.

The New Kids on the Blockchain (theNKOTB) is a YouTube channel that features tech product reviews, cryptocurrency tutorials and general geekery. It covers a lot of ground, but you’d be forgiven for not knowing about it until now, given that it only has ~15k subscribers. That’s (unfortunately) not enough to get it featured on YouTube’s homepage, so we sat down with the two main stars to find out how they’re going to do well enough to get noticed by the platform’s big players.

The interview with New Kids on the Blockchain

We recently had the opportunity to speak with award-winning filmmakers Ashley Pugh and Lisa Downs, who are the founders of the cryptocurrency YouTube channel New Kids on the Blockchain. We talk about it in the interview:

  • How Ash and Lisa got into crypto-currencies
  • Your goals and objectives for your channel
  • Their documentary – New Kids on the Blockchain – A wild journey into the heart of crypto and ICO mania.
  • Your experience interviewing and working with thought leaders in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.
  • Your opinion on the current bull market and what to watch out for
  • In addition, their predictions for cryptocurrencies for 2021 are as follows.

Q: They’re a crypto couple… Did you meet through crypto, or is crypto something you are passionate about together?

ASH: We met even before we were interested in cryptocurrencies, in Ibiza, where we were both at a rewards industry event. We were both filmmakers, me with long experience in film and television, and Lisa in the documentary.

LISA: That was in 2013. At that time, I knew nothing about cryptocurrencies. Ash knew about them and was interested in them, but had not yet tried to buy them. Like most people, I’m sure, we often think about it and say: That’s if we had bought bitcoin in 2013! You can dream.

Q: Why did you found New Kids on the Blockchain and tell us about the inspiration for the 2019 documentary of the same name?

ASH: It was a happy coincidence. We produced several long documentaries, and I was very interested in cryptocurrencies from the beginning, but although I tried to buy bitcoin in 2014 (best not to talk about the reasons!), I found it too difficult to understand. Then in 2016, I started buying a little, watching a lot of videos, and shortly after that, we met at the Dash conference in London. I looked at the craziness going on as the ICO bubble started to form and said: We should get this on film. We soon attended numerous events around the world and were able to meet and interview a wide range of people, from Roger Vera to John McAfee, as well as some of the key influencers of the time. We started recording our experiences, and someone suggested we put short pieces on YouTube since space moves very fast and it usually takes three years to make full documents.

LISA: We were sitting on a beach somewhere talking about how we could do this, so we thought: Why not create a channel where we can share our experiences, but do it on our own? There aren’t many women in this field, so it was important to me, and we knew we didn’t want to make another screaming chain looking for the next 1000x altcoin to the moon….. So we used our documentary expertise to make some very interesting interviews. I think our documentary also stands out because we filmed from the inside, which no one else has done. There have been TV shows and documentaries about cryptocurrencies and blockchain, but they weren’t made by people who were necessarily in the industry. Observers only. We were in the middle of it, and I love that you can feel the excitement and craziness of it all while looking at the document.

Q: Are you primarily a documentary filmmaker?

ASH: We love documentaries and have produced a number of films on other topics in addition to our documentary on cryptocurrencies. It’s all about the stories, and there are so many incredible stories in cryptocurrencies. In terms of libertarianism and technology and how the lives of ordinary people have changed. I was too young to follow the evolution of the internet, but I think we have a great opportunity to tell the story of this incredible yet emerging technology.

LISA: It’s so interesting to me not knowing how a documentary will end. It’s up to you to tell the story as it unfolds. So we had no idea what was going to happen with cryptocurrencies, we just knew it was great to be in the middle of this amazing new technology.

Q: You create high-end 4K TV-type content every week – why did you decide to do this?

ASH: We decided early on that if we were going to do the show, it had to be in 4k and look good. It took us a long time to create our format and it is an incredible amount of work, but people always tell us that they are impressed with our professionalism. I think it’s the result of 30 years of collaboration in production. What was your impression of cryptocurrencies during the 2017 bull market?

LISA: It was like something we had never seen before. I think the montage at the beginning of our documentary, available for free on our YouTube channel, sums it up well. People in Lambo, people who are changing the world, money-making, projects that want to sell their chips. I felt like I was in a crazy casino paying money for every spin…..well until it stopped paying, lol. LISA: I didn’t know what to do with it! It seemed unreal – and we still talk about it in our documentary – you look at those numbers in the ledger that say you have a ridiculous amount of money, but it doesn’t seem real. I know it’s not until you get the money paid out, but it’s so hard to figure out what’s going on and all these projects and ICOs come and go, ….. It was great.

Q: How is this bull market different from 2017?

ASH: Curiously, we create a subsequent function that also returns it. DeFi explosion was incredible, and the meteoric rise of some projects and tokens was very similar, but this time there were much bigger players involved. Cryptocurrencies seem to have matured a bit, but they’re still in their awkward adolescence. And if ICO was the Wild West, the DeFi section was a dangerous corner bar with a rigged card game where you could make a fortune or get shot at any time. The whole phenomenon of pulling the wool over your eyes was incredible. It’s starting to wear off, and I think everyone feels it, but again, a lot of good projects will flourish and a lot will die out and the next cycle will begin.

LISA: I think people have learned a lot about how to behave in a bull market, how to deal with it emotionally, and people have become more reasonable about taking profits and less greedy. It also seems that projects that have been in development for years have a better understanding of the technology and the possibilities. We are starting to see really big projects with real use cases and projects that really have a chance of long-term survival.

Q: How much responsibility do you feel as a crypto influencer?

ASH: We have tried to avoid projects that focus exclusively on shilling. We have sponsored projects because we need to cover production costs, but we always try to make the content as informative as possible and allow people to make their own decisions based on the information provided.

LISA: Then again, our funded projects are projects we said yes to. We looked at them, we looked at the team, we looked at their white paper, we looked at their roadmap, so that our audience can have confidence in what we’re talking about, even though we’re not trying to make people millionaires in 48 hours.

Q: How important is the New Kids community to you?

ASH: We have a relatively small but very loyal audience, which we really appreciate. We also met an incredible number of talented people from around the world during this trip and we are very grateful for them.

LISA: The great thing about this YouTube journey is that I got to know some of our community members and meet them in person and at events. It’s like a community spirit: We’re all in this together! – I think most of our community lost 80% of their portfolio in the last crash, so it’s like Aha, we got you, I feel for you! and now we all survived this new bull market together, which was great.

Q: Do you think cryptocurrencies are on their way to mainstream acceptance?

ASH: The popularity of this technology is growing and its use is becoming less and less difficult if you exclude FFi farming, but there is still a long way to go until everyone can use it. But my mom recently asked me to buy her a BITCOIN, and that’s not a typo, lol.

LISA: I think there is still a lot of resistance, especially from banks and institutions that feel threatened by this, but I think if we see that resistance increasing, it means that the threat of this is becoming more real – so I think that is a good sign that it is getting closer. It’s still ridiculously complicated in many ways, so there’s still a long way to go, but that day will come.

Q: What do you expect for cryptocurrencies by the end of 2021?

ASH: I think there will be a repeat of last time, a violent reaction and a Darwinian selection of the many copycat projects we see every day. The growth we are seeing is not sustainable, and I am sorry to say that many of the new projects before us look like cheap copies of what we have already seen. At the end of this cycle, the learning curve will be over and cryptocurrencies will likely go through another bearish cycle as everyone will do HODL and BUIDL, but as always…., the strongest will survive.

LISA: Let’s hope Dogecoin breaks out of the top 10! Ha.

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