by Rohit 

September 7, 2020


FOMO is short for: Fear of missing out. 

It means the fear of missing out on a potential profit, which might come from an investment ot trade.

This is one of most common and popular term in cryptocurrency trading.

Usually, when anyone invests in any coin or talking about a new coin or about a potential big move about to start, they share their opinion with others.

In such case, if the coin prices start moving in the anticipated direction, more and more people join in before even researching about the coin on their own. The main reason is – they have FOMO.

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A trader and investor with over 11 years in traditional stock markets. Got introduced to cryptocurrencies in 2018 and got hooked. Now spend half of the day in trading cryptocurrencies and another half in researching/reading about the whole ecosystem and cryptocurrencies in specific.

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