by Viktor A 

June 15, 2021

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Many people are beginning to realize the potential of blockchain-based decentralized applications (DApps) and the value of the Ethereum network. One of the most important parts of the Ethereum ecosystem however, is the digital currency called “Vesper”, and we are going to talk about it today.

Vesper is a decentralized payment network, in the same way, that Bitcoin is a decentralized currency. The main difference between Bitcoin and VESP is that VESP has additional features. It is also a trading platform that allows you to leverage your digital assets while trading the crypto market.

What is Vesper?

Founded by Jeff Garzik, Jordan Krueger and Matthew Rozzak, Vesper is one of many DeFi apps that capitalize on the growing ecosystem of digital assets. A quick look at reveals that, unlike some of its competitors, the team behind this project is no secret.

Although at the time of writing the company is still rolling out all of its planned offerings, you can already start earning income on a range of digital assets on this platform. At the time of writing, more than $623 million worth of DApps has been blocked. Using smart contracts to manage a DApp allows users to maintain 100% ownership of their digital assets and retrieve them at any time.

How can you make money with it?

To launch the application, click on the application button at the top right of the home page or go directly to

vesper finance
What is Vesper & How Can You Make Money With It? 6

On the app screen, you need to click on the Connect Wallet button to communicate with your wallet.


You can then choose the wallet you want to connect to. If you do not have a balance in one of these portfolios, you will need to deposit some of that balance to communicate with Vesper. word-image-8711

Vesper Grow Pools are DeFi’s algorithmic lending strategies. The interests of the different protocols of the DeFi come from the pooled capital. The accrued interest is then used to repay the deposits in the pool and distribute them to the depositors.


The explanation for these two rates of return is as follows: The return reflects two numbers: the base return generated by the pool’s assets when allocated to other DeFi platforms in accordance with the pool strategy, and the VSP increment allocated as part of the VSP token allocation.

The cash rate of return is calculated based on the last 24 hours annualized and compounded and the average reflects the last 30 days annualized and compounded. Risk levels are referred to as conservative or aggressive, although even conservative pools carry risks, which we will discuss in a moment. To interact with any of the pools, simply click on the desired pool.


You can see how much money is currently in that reserve, and if your wallet is connected, you can deposit or withdraw money from the reserve. Vesper Grow Pools charge a 0.6% withdrawal fee and a 15% platform fee on the income generated by the invested assets.

Is my money safe on Vesper?

Coinspect and Certik reviewed Vesper’s contracts.  This doesn’t mean that smart contracts can’t be hacked, but that the team has invested in independent verification of their work. Pool participants can suffer losses if the pool interacts with credit and the market corrects quickly enough for the positions to be insufficiently covered, resulting in their liquidation.

But wait, is there more?

Vesper is still in the process of rolling out its entire product range. The roadmap for the future includes:

  • Vespers Ern : Keep one digital asset, win another! Ideal for income-generating strategies.
  • Vesper Kolya: Benefit, with your DeFi shares, from the most stable digital assets in terms of income.
  • Vesper Labs: Build a pool that our community will love and generate revenue from the fees.

Vesper (short for “Veritaseum Security Token Platform”) is an open-source blockchain designed to make investing easier, and more secure. The platform is designed to enable the creation of financial instruments that can be used to trade securities on the Ethereum blockchain.. Read more about vesper coin price and let us know what you think.